Sunday, January 5, 2014

I'm Late & You're not Surprised!

Here we are already 5 days into 2014, and I haven't done anything remotely close to a goal setting blog post.  Maybe that's because I'm not really a goal setter, or a resolution maker, but I am certainly a blogger, and maybe I write to see myself write, to hear myself think, to see my soul poured out... and maybe I'm just a poser and not a blogger after all... but I feel like I should at least put something out there in writing so I can either feel good and guilty when I read it in six months and it's nothing close to what I'm doing, or I can pat myself on the back because I'm well on my way or even done with whatever I'm going to put on this currently mostly blank page.  (Can you tell I have no idea what I'm going to say yet?)  :)  It's okay, I'm absolutely okay with that.  I wish I had a dollar for every time I had no clue what I was going to write before I produce a fabulous piece of work!  But alas, nobody really wants to pay me for such things, and it's a crying shame if you ask me....  

Yeah... I've got nothin, at least nothing in the goal setting realm.  I DO, however, have this Guiness stuff on my shoulders... Guinness.. the goofy, lovable dingus dog that we can't help but love.  He's the long eared sad eyed bloodhound that will be entertaining children (even if it's only my own grand children) and their adult counterparts (even if that's only me and MY children) just as soon as my brain cracks open and gives me the flow of words I'm needing to write the stories that are in there. Writer's block is a fancy word for "I've got it all in my head but there's something clogging the hole it's supposed to come out of...."  that's what it feels like anyway.  MENTAL CONSTIPATION!  There's a visual.  Ummm no.  Don't visualize...

Okay.. I can always spout off rhymes... I'm SO not a poet!  But whoever cam up with 'bust a rhyme' in the rap realm got it right!  I can definitely bust a rhyme...

Guinness woke up early
on a day when I could sleep
He didn't care to wait
for my alarm to start to beep

He tried to wake the other dogs
But they ignored his whine
The numbers on my bedside clock
Said it was FIVE OH NINE.

I tried to whisper quietly
And patted his soft head
Instead he heard "It's time to play"
And jumped up on the bed

The cat freaked out and swung a claw
connecting with his ear
A big surprise to Guinness
who reacted out of fear

His big old paw came down
and trapped the kitty by the tail
The sounds ensuing woke the house
And neighborhood as well

The cat flew off the bed
and out the doorway to the hall
and Guinness right behind him
jumped and flew into the wall

I know that cat was smirking
In his eye the slightest gleam
Guinness laid right down and closed his eyes
Like it had been a dream

I wish I could have done that too
But I just scratched my head
No sleeping now I'm wide awake
at FIVE FIFTEEN instead.

Yep... just another Guinness antic to start the weekend off with a bang!  Jeeez, I should write a book....;)

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  1. Silly girl... you just DID!! Seriously!! Have you ever considered that your book about Guiness might be just as simple as THIS!! I have a friend, Paxton Helling, who published a book just like this that you just wrote. In authentic, uncontemplated poetic form. I'm proud of you for just sitting down and writing~ it TRULY was a WORK OF ART. Have you ever hear the term, "Art for Art's Sake"? That means, creating for creation's sake! And that also would include Writing for Writing's sake! (NOT to be confused with: Doing dishes for Sink's sake! Vacuuming for Dirt's sake and Napping for Sleep's sake.... those don't count!)
    But in your case, you're GOOD, for GOODNESS SAKE!!!!!
    I'm so proudda you girl, for just writing what's on your heart... er... or was that for what was on your BED! LOL!
    Love ya girlfriend!!